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Wood Bottom Mill
Wood Bottom Mill
Wood Bottom Mill, Marsden. The mill is one of the oldest in Marsden and was water powered. It was used for cotton spinning around 1800 and rebuilt after a fire in 1867. During the Luddite rebellion defensive measures were taken at the mill to protect the mill. The chimney was constructed some 80 years after the original mill was built.1900 - 1950
Bank Bottom Mill
Bank Bottom Mill
Bank Bottom Mills
Bank Bottom Mills
Bank Bottom Mills dining room kitchen
Bank Bottom Mills, staff outing
Bank Bottom Mills, staff outing
Bank Bottom Mills, staff outing
Carrs Farm
Carrs Road, Rag Mill
Carrs Road, Rag Mill
Cellars Clough
Certificate as to Benficial Employment
Certificate of school attendance
Clough Lea
Fall Lane Mills
Group from Bank Bottom Mills
Inside Bank Bottom Mill
Invitation to Mr. H Collins retirement presentation
Johnstone's cart horse
Johnstone's dray delivering coal
Johnstone's shop billhead
Johnstone's shop delivery van
Johnstone's shop outing
Labour Certificate
Labour Certificate
Letterhead John France and Sons,
Manor House Farm
Marsden UDC road roller
Marsden UDC steam wagon
Middle Mill
Mr Varley and his ice cream cart
Ottiwell's Dining Room
Ottiwells Dining Room
Ready Carr Mill
Ready Carr Mill
Reference for F Mellor
Sellers Clough
Sick Fund member's contribution card
St Bartholomew's Church
Top Bank Bottom Mills
Warehouse Hill and Lakeside
Weaving shed
Whithead's workshop
Women in weaving shed
Wood Bottom Mill
Woodbottom Mill
Workers finishing at J E Crowthers
Workers in Marsden Foundry
Workers turning out